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What Reasons Do You Need for Recording A Phone Call?

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There are many purposes for recording a phone call. The problem is, not very many people know how to do this. In fact, most people think that recording phone conversations is difficult and requires purchasing expensive external equipment. In truth, keeping track of phone conversations is easy. The following talks about how easy it is to record phone calls, what are the tools, services, and software used to do that, and the various purposes of recording a phone call.

What reasons do you need for recording a phone call?


First, let’s talk about the primary reasons for recording a phone call. To start with, a recorded conversation can be used for archiving, job interviews, professional consulting, customer transaction, peace of mind, and many other things. The simple logic behind recording a phone call is documentation and record keeping.

Oftentimes you will have to record phone conversations that are related to a business. Keeping these conversations in an archive can be useful in the future. Typically, you would want to keep a record of all job applicant interviews, insurance case witness accounts, and various other customer transactions. Doing so allows you to protect your business from false liability accusation and law suits. Irate customers, for example, can complain all they want about your service, but if you have a recorded conversation you can prove them wrong in court.

Doctors and psychiatrists are often recording a phone call with their patients for later medical evaluation or emotional assessment. Because of the doctor-patient confidentiality, though, none of these phone calls leave the premises, the hospital or the clinic. Only the doctor or psychiatrist has access to the recorded conversations.

In other purposes, like archiving, the recorded audio files need to be kept safely, too. For personal use, archiving is just as important. After recording a phone call, you need to have backups in at least two separate locations. Since recording a phone call has to be secure, it’s not advisable to keep the files on your phone. Download the files to your computer, create a backup using USB memory sticks, and then delete the original recording from your phone.

Recording a phone call can be a very easy process


Getting to the heart of the matter, recording a phone call is a very easy thing to do. The first thing you need is a smartphone. Some cell phones may have sufficient storage space for recording a phone call and memory for installing the software we need, but for the sake of demonstration, let’s just assume you have a smartphone.

Download a call logging software from the Internet. There are free software programs with basic options for recording a phone call. Advanced software applications or apps can chop conversations, block one line or the other, and generate transcripts for the phone call. For advanced software, however, you need to purchase commercial licenses, which can be expensive.

recording a phone call

Recording a phone call is easy with RecordiaPro

To install the software, plug your smartphone to the USB jack of your computer and double click the installer. Select the destination drive (i.e. the Phone memory) and proceed with the installation. You can also copy the installer to the cell phone, and let it install automatically. Using the recorder is surprisingly easy, too. Although the software will differ in terms of interface, the basics are always the same: During an active phone call, there will be a prompt asking you if you want to start recording a phone call. On the other hand, some software will have keypad or touchpad shortcuts for activating the recorder while in the middle of an active conversation.

At the end of recording a phone call, not only the audio file is saved, but the details of the call are also stored. Information like the timestamp, the caller ID, and the duration of the conversation is recorded together with the audio file. Finally, you can either choose to save the recording or email it to your computer hard drive.

Recording a phone call is completely easy and convenient with RecordiaPro


The next, and probably the easiest method to recording a phone call is the use of a reliable service. The RecordiaPro service will record and store your recorded conversations as mp3’s on their secure and private website, ready to be downloaded, emailed, and played back immediately. The service comes in 3 simple plans for recording a phone call, and activation is instantaneous. If you are looking to record your incoming and outgoing phone conversations on any phone including land-lines, the RecordiaPro service is just for you.

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